Mineral Services

Millennium has been providing Mineral Services to our clients throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba with a high rate of success. We have developed close working connections in these provinces with government branches, landowners, Lawyers, and Rural Municipalities.

Mineral Page

Mineral services provided include, but are not limited to:

– Freehold Mineral Lease Acquisition
– Crown Lease Acquisitioning in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba
– Comprehensive Mineral Administration From start to finish
– Estate Problem Solving / Locating of Missing Freehold Owners
– Potash Leasing / Acquisition
– Land Titles Administration Expertise
– Comprehensive Tract Reports to Follow Multiple Projects and their

Our mineral negotiators are highly capable when explaining, negotiating and acquiring Petroleum and Natural Gas Leases with landowners. We ensure that both our clients and landowners come to a mutual agreement that is fair and reasonable to maintain and ensure future relationships.

2016 Landsale Calendar

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